Thursday, February 7, 2013

As the World Dies Trilogy

so based on something a friend of mine posted on facebook, i went to and found this trilogy. i started with the first book- The First Days. i liked it so much that i went ahead and got the rest of the series.

here's the thing- i could sit here and tell you what happens in the books, but i don't think that would really compel anyone to read them. it would be like posting the plot of the movie on wikipedia- it's nice, but you'll either put on your agenda of things to do or you won't. not to mention spoilers are a total pain in the ass.

the trilogy is fantastic. i got so emotionally involved with the characters that i was actually crying during the events leading up to the climax of the series. and it wasn't "boo hoo i'm so sad" crying, it was "multiple tissues stat!" crying.

if you enjoy books about the zombie genre, i recommend you read the series and judge for yourself: