Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Ables

Even though my eyes don't work-- they never have-- I've been a witness to some pretty fantastic things. Some horrible, some wonderful.

With this simple description, we're introduced to Phillip Sallinger. He thinks he's just a normal 12 year old living with his family, who recently relocated from New York City to the much smaller town of Freepoint.

But Phillip isn't the conventional kind of normal. Not only is he blind, but he learns he has superpowers (via a hilarious conversation with his father). Phillip learns he has telekinesis like his father and after a brief demonstration, he learns he may not be limited by his blindness when it comes to moving things with his mind.

Phillip also learns about his mother's superpowers (she can teleport), as well as what his little brother will grow in to (super speed......although I assumed based on the description Phillip gives his brother, it would more like super speed spaz).

Soon it's time for Phillip to start school at Freepoint High School, where for the first time he feels a sense of resentment. Even though he has his powers, he cannot see and that gets him placed in Special Education. Most of the rest of his classmates are in the same boat- a mind reader in a wheelchair, a junior mad scientist with poor sense of motor control, a teleporter who is blind- and Phillip feels the resentment ebb a little because he wants to make friends with the people in his class.

And with the ups of high school come the downs. Phillip gets to meet Chad and his pet human Steve. That should tell you all you need to know about that.

Time marches on, everyone settles into a routine and soon there's an announcement- a tradition is coming back. The Super Simulation is an multiple round "game" set all over town to give the students a chance to have real world experience with their powers........but only if you're not in Phillip's class.

Soon Phillip and his new friends decide to take on the system to prove that while they are not considered "fully functional," what they have compliment one another and turn a weakness into strength.

The boys begin practicing together to form a cohesive group, while working on ways to appeal the decision that keeps them out. And from what I can tell other weird random things that teenage boys do when they get together (sorry, my experience is mostly with girls and quite frankly, they're learning to be pretty ****** evil at that age).

A stunning case is made and the boys have a new goal. Sadly round one doesn't go as expected and round two is quite explosive.

And then.....heart wrenching sadness......

Our young heroes find themselves unable to participate in the SuperSim any longer, but after some time, they don't let this setback affect them. They find other outlets to continue working on their powers.

During the final SuperSim, things go horribly horribly wrong. The boys quickly learn that some evil doers are using the simulation to carry out their real plan.

The final battle is upon them and while they're not ready for the outcome, they are willing to push themselves to prove they are just as able as anyone.

In a flash, it's over. In a way no one saw coming. Just more heart wrenching sadness...and an odd sense of relief....

Like any other superheroes, the boys learn that with all the good they encounter, there is a flip side. They know they must continue to work harder to become stronger so if evil rises again, it will learn something very important- NEVER mess with The Ables.

The End?

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my takes on things. I certainly hope that if you haven't taken the time to actually read the story that you're inspired to. To adhere to the author's wishes, I've left large parts of the book out to avoid spoilers. To truly learn the characters and come to love their little quirks, you really need to read the whole book.

And while this the author's first foray into writing a full length novel, I certainly hope it won't be the last. Five stars and a lap dance! (just trust me on this one, ok?)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dying Days

Before now, my only exposure to the Dying Days series by Armand Rosamilia has been in the State of Horror anthologies that I adore. 

So of course while dinking around on Amazon, I found the Dying Days series available for reading. I started with what was labeled as the prequel- Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer. It was a collection of short stories devoted to one of the main characters in the Dying Days series. 

The prequel novella shows us how Darlene started off in the zombpocalypse in Maine and made her way to Florida. I did not go into reading this expecting to see anyone from the State of Horror stories because I knew those were events occurring elsewhere in the zombpocalypse. (sorry folks, no friendships via hatchback or zombicanes)

I was so entranced in the world of Dying Days, I had the novella read in less than an hour. Totally enchanted with the characters I got to meet (and naturally the other jackasses that run around in these sorts of things), I immediately downloaded books 1-4 and pre-ordered book 5.

In the span of 4 hours, I devoured the prequel and 4 books (*burp* delicious) in the main series.

So I'm going to wait for book 5 before I really sit down and do a take on the series so far, but I really have enjoyed what I've read and hope others take the time to read this series as well.

Although if you want zombies that go "braaaaaains," try down the hall, second door on the right. These aren't those zombies and massive kudos to the author for it!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II

Welcome back to the Bayou State!

Gator Bait- Stuart Conover tells a tale of a river trip. Three people go out with a guide for a real view of the bayou- complete with voodoo and gators. Want to know why you shouldn't piss off the locals? They know everything about the area. Too bad these trippers didn't catch the hint.

Couseuse- Herika R. Raymer shows us Karyl's find- a Couseuse sewing machine that survived a fire. Originally purchased to be decoration, it's discovered to be in fine working order and soon the machine begins to be used to make dresses. Tragedy begins to strike when the workers become a little too involved in getting creations completed....no matter how smooth it feels or how entrancing the tune is....you must always be careful when humming....

Binky- Teresa Bergen introduces us to Gloria and her step-daughter, Eva, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. While Gloria's husband is off trying to locate his parents remains, Gloria tries to engage Eva, but doesn't get very far before a furry companion named Binky arrives. A road trip turns into a test of survival. It wasn't an error, just a new way of dealing with stepparents.

The Bells F Rue La Barriere- J. Lamm's tale of horror revolves around a haunted dorm and those attempting to prove if it is haunted or not. It turns out that people who hang out there don't come back and usually take the roof exit. The experiment goes awry and the parade that follows is best enjoyed with coffee.

Dog Killer- Nathan Pettigrew shows what happens when a father/son drive goes horribly wrong. Bad memories and perceptions shape people. Shape them in ways you don't expect. Want proof? Hand me that Jim Beam bottle. No one sees us.

Dying Days: Rally Cry- Armand Rosamilia picks up the story from Volume I, via the perspective outside of the hatchback. In an office building. With zombies. Zombie Klansmen. Been nice knowing you Amber!

Blue Belly Bayou- Ambrose Stolliker treats us to a modern day ghost story where Josh and Alisha go to Jubilee on a tip for a haunted location.The local legend turns out to be a little more real than either one anticipated.

Reborn On The Bayou- B.A.Sans spins a yarn of voodoo. She asked Him and he delivered. Chester will get over losing his feet. They have forever after all.

Selene- Edward Moore peers into what happens when you have an overactive imagination. Rick returns from vacation to be told a tale of a vampire by his friends Jimmy and Pascal involving Pascal's sister. A little alcohol and a little vision lead to what they feel is the only outcome possible.

Indigo- Anthony Watson plays a little song and the music is amazing. It's a gift you know, being able to hear the song introduced and to hear and remember it. You have to learn how to play, you have to pass it on, you have to share the gifts of the song. The rest just sorts itself out.

The King of Belmer- Jonathan S. Pembroke tells us about a family reunion with a twist. Have you ever wondered why someone so nice might wind up with someone so ill tempered and nasty? It might be opposites attract or it might be an offering for prosperity. Don't try to flee the situation, it doesn't help.

Insatiable Angola- J.M. Lawrence lets us meet Dave when he's a young man working in an oyster bar. Over the years and through the oysters we learn about his father's incarceration at Angola.....and how the spirits there never rest and the bloodthirsty guards are never satisfied......

Without A Trace- Melodie Romeo dishes out our final helping of horror in Louisiana. A family is awoken in the night to something attacking the livestock. The father goes in search and disappears. Soon a policeman is involved and disappears as well, even though he had been well warned by a mystic. Such pretty pink eyes.....

What a fun extended stay we've had here in Louisiana! When you live in a place that has so much history and legends, there's bound to be some horror hiding out. Hope you had a fine time sittin a spell and watch out on your way home.......critters afoot and all you know......later y'all!!!

Update-- State of Horror Louisiana Volume II and Amazon Kindle

The publisher of State of Horror confirmed this morning that the issue plaguing the update of Louisiana Volume II has been resolved!!

So if you weren't impatient like I was, go get your copy and get your horror on!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

State of Horror Louisiana...and Amazon Kindle......

Something happened with State of Horror: Louisiana Volume II over at Amazon. While the paperback version of the book went up on Amazon yesterday for the actual release date, the Kindle version was no where to be seen. Amazon told the publisher that there were technical issues, it's been escalated and so on and so forth.

And here's where my patience reached the breaking point.

After 24 plus hours and no real updates past technical issues, I got fed up with waiting because I really wanted to read this. As I've said in other posts, I am really digging this series and look forward to reading the stories and then writing my takes on them in the hopes of getting others to read the series as well.

So finally I broke down and downloaded the Kobo Books app onto my tablet. I have purchased Volume II and am in the process of getting my horror on. By no means is this me saying I'm abandoning my beloved Kindle or am mad at the people at Amazon who are working hard to resolve this issue. Sometimes frustrations just get the better of us.

I hope to have my take on it published either later on tonight or tomorrow, depending on how long it takes me to devour....er...savor....er....read the book.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit my site. I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop by!