Sunday, January 31, 2016

Corpus Deluxe: Undead Tales of Terror

This horror anthology with an intro by Jorge Salgado-Reyes talking about his thoughts on horror and one of his own experiences into the unknown. He then wishes us well on our journey through the disturbing things these story tellers will put into our minds.

A Tale Of The Undead- Tony Dews's investigator has a great amount of curiosity that takes them to Scotland after reading about an unsolved happening with several mystery elements in it- four people dead and no way to truly explain it. Through "local" research, the investigator learns what must come next....complete with sharp object......

Night Class- David Jon Fuller's student studies martial arts with a very stern teacher. He's tested and comes out on top. Student surpasses master. Student becomes master. Drinks?

Lorscapedia- Edward Ahern's lovers learn a very hard lesson when it comes to messing with the locals and their traditions. Change happens for some easier than others.

Blood Bond- Druscilla Morgan and Roy C. Booth present their take on Jack the Ripper. All it takes is one slip and messing with the wrong person. As you stare at the walls, you can wonder if that one insult had been worth it.

Night Shift- Jan Goeb's night watchman is a pleasant fellow, taking us through his life watching over the dead and the perils he has to deal with. Except for zombies. Epoxy and shrink wrap keep them at bay.

Lucky Chucky- Stuart Conover's Chuck thinks he's the luckiest man around after getting to safety with a survival enthusiast. After all he must be lucky since he's come through the beginning of the end with just a scratch, right?

Amongst The Dead- R. Thomas Riley gives a slice of history via the Alamo. Zombie changing history.

The Death of Halpin Frayser- Ambrose Bierce.....yes, the Ambrose Bierce who wrote The Devil's Dictionary. What? There is nothing that says an anthology of horror needs to be made up solely of contemporary materials. Tcht, fine. Moving along.

Stiffed- Ken MacGregor and Kerry G.S. Lipp meet death with a sense of humor. Jason never intended to have his day wind up the way it did, but what if it was hereditary?

Chooser Of The Unslain- Cynthia Booth and Roy C. Booth introduce us to Hans, a soldier in Germany. He believes an encounter with a Valkyrie tells him to hunt for a man, but was he more damaged by that pipe?

River Red- James S. Durr presents a horrific fairy tale. Jealously is an ugly thing, isn't it Fiona?

Night Walker- DJ Tyrer presents a story about a family massacred and the things seen in the night after the event of that night. What was that tall man after?

Carlsen's Plastic Tarps- Roy C. Booth and Axel Kohagen shows containment of the undead. Don't ask unless you're really certain you want the answer.

The Vampire Costume- Daniel S. Duvall reminds us to be careful what we wish for, especially on Halloween.

No Rest- Rose Blackthorn presents what happens when you don't have enough sleep. The waking dead if you will.

What Are You?- Brian Lu shows that when the dead rise again, the worst thing to come from this won't be the zombies, it will be the living.

Battle of Bones- Robert E. Howard talk about the horror of betrayal and fits the French in there.

Blood Of Nyx- Our last story is actually a book excerpt from Druscilla Morgan and Roy C. Booth.

Overall, not a bad collection.