Sunday, February 14, 2016

Best Horror Shorts: 2015

There's no intro, so lets just hop right on in there!

The Crow Scare- Mandi S. Lockley kicks things off with a crow who proves that when you screw with animals, they return the favor tenfold.

A Flash Of Light- Stuart Conover introduces us to Justin, who's just woke up from a fever. He's not totally certain of what's going on around him, but he soon learns he's not truly in control.

City Park- John A. Karr starts off with Marcus, who teaches us a valid argument for staying home with a pastry and coffee. We then meet Lars who discovers what happens when some dumb hick gets a hold of ancient magic.

The Initiate- Edward Ahern provides us with a really valid reason why neighbors are a bad idea.Walt is no prize pick either, but no one really deserves that. Just stick to watching them through the mini blinds in the living room.

The Tracks of Ridge Rock Station- S.H. Mansouri tells us about revenge via train. All Elmer wanted to know is what happened to Thelma. Prices to pay and exchanges to be made.

A Mouth Full of Spiders, A Gut Full of Snakes- Rhoads Brazos's nameless character is living in a time where life as we currently know it no longer exists. Don't reveal too much though, there are curses about.

A Campfire Tale- Shannon Hollinger's Fran tells a tale that shows what can happen in real life is far more horrifying than anything a screenwriter could think up. Don't forget to say you met her!

Harlequin Midnight- S.E. Casey shows us one family waiting through a tradition for their children. They have to make it home by midnight. In the end, it's all hilariously sad, so please don't interfere.

Open, Locks, Whoever Knocks- Timothy C. Hobbs has a mirror that isn't quite what it seems. Are you sure you're seeing what you see or is there something else there?

The Village of Sirenas Caida- Rebecca Carter wraps things up by warning us of siren songs.

If that was the best of 2015, I can't wait to see what 2016 brings!