Friday, November 11, 2016

Death Gets A Book

Frank Elder is back with a book about Death.

I'm not kidding, it's a book about Death. There's a whole society of the little buggers (both literally and figuratively) running around offing people when it's been deemed their time.

How does one join such an organization? Well in the case of Vincent, it all started with a trip to Mexico and a night out to see something most people only learned about because of Clerks II. Since it's not a tourist spot, one of the locals sees fit to pull a prank and the next thing you know, a shallow grave is involved.

Vincent meets Death after he admits he's late (and tarted up to look like a Dia de los Muertos candy skull), but they weren't supposed to meet in that fashion. They were supposed to meet, a soul exchange would occur and zippidy do da. Instead, Vincent is now another death meaning Tart Death screwed up.

Moving along, Vincent Death is put through the steps, gets his Death stuff and gets reassigned to a post back home, which was expected. Soul collection can go faster if you know your way around an area (and don't have to rely on something like Apple Maps taking you off an overpass). Vincent Death is given his first assignment and off he goes..... have the soul stolen by his harpy of a dead wife, who has become something Death hates- a banshee. They're both in the soul collection business, but realistically, most people would want a scythe then to be screeched to death.

Vincent Death's screw up is recognized by another Death and they go against code to get the soul back from the banshee. Just when they think they've got it, more banshees show up and we find out that they're organizing. They're tired of competing against Death Co and want to get rid of the competition.

Skip skip skip TINY TINY DEATH skip skip skip MONSTER TRUCK RALLY skip skip skip

Now here's where it gets fun- Vincent Death promised the daughter of the soul he screwed up collecting that he would make things right. He has to admit failure, she volunteers to get dead and in another screw up, she's not Death, but another banshee. As if that's not bad enough, the bean counters have figured out something isn't right and now they have to punish Death.

Skip skip skip BANSHEE DEATH skip skip skip HAPPY ENDING skip skip skip BONUS MATERIAL skip skip skip THEY'RE REAL!

Long story short (too late!), Death Gets A Book is another fun read from the mind of Frank Elder. There really is a bonus short story included and you'll have to read both in order to make sure you're getting all references mentioned above. It's cheeky good fun! Just ask Death

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Halloweeners

Author John Hennessy starts off his Halloween tale by explaining that Halloween celebrations in England are different than Halloween celebrations in America.

Makes sense. Even in America, Halloween is celebrated in different ways.

Then the author introduces us to The Halloweeners- Kirsty, Nula, Toby and the new guy, Craig.

The whole story centers around getting ready for trick or treating and following their yearly theme. Naturally, there's a route that has to be followed and the dare to go to the spooky house with the spooky person.

As the day draws closer, it seems the once close group is starting to fall apart. There are disagreements about the route, what's real, personalities and the usual teenage shenanigans.

But everything isn't quite what it seems.

So I'll ask you- Trick or Treat?

Next year, it's your turn.

Return of the Pumpkins

When we met the pumpkins in 2015, it was pretty straightforward- they were magically murderlicious!

When Lacey Lane announced the pumpkins would be coming back, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one excited and followed updates on Twitter about the release, as well as offering some pretty odd fan theories about what they might be doing.

So what have the pumpkins been up to? What revenge are they seeking?

Well that's the fun part in all of this. It turns out the pumpkins left a lasting impression on the child in the first book- Peter.

Peter is no longer a child, but sadly has been spending this part of his life in a mental ward haunted by the events of that night. And his remaining family hasn't visited him. And he's haunted by the events of the night.

And he relies on the blue pill. No, not that one. What do you think you're reading?!

Peter meets someone in the current hospital who helps him want to start living again and forget the nightmare from all those years ago.

But during a little field trip, something happens and you're left wondering if that horrible night all those years ago really was those magically murderlicious pumpkins.........

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Barry the Basement Bear

Over the past couple years, I've had a lot of fun reading and giving randomness to Stuart Conover's work. I was really excited to see that another short story of Stuart's (say that three times fast! go ahead, i'll wait) had been released. Although this time, it's shockingly not in print, it's in podcast form!

Barry the Basement Bear can be found by clicking the link and is a part of The Wicked Library's podcast series. The podcast runs for 57:21 (complete with funny filler and an interview with the author), so let's settle in for a listen!

Barry is described as a light in the dark keeping the monsters at bay. The protagonist views Barry as a true friend and someone who must always be kept around, must to the chagrin of the protagonist's father. The first time Barry is left behind, something goes horribly wrong.

The protagonist tries to carry on as they always have, but their father becomes angrier with Barry's presence and decides it's time for the protagonist to grow up and be "normal." The father "deals with" Barry, leaving the protagonist to find life has become hellish without Barry's presence. The decision is made to get Barry back in order to restore life with the comfort and security the protagnoist had always known.

This decision makes the protagonist's father go apocalyptic, determining that Barry needs to go permanently and if the protagonist tries to save Barry again, there will be serious consequences. That night, even though Barry is not with them, Barry lets the protagonist know they shouldn't worry. They'll be protected. Always.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Twisted World

Kate L. Mary brings us back into the Broken World with this new series. It's 20 years later and things aren't much better than when we left the survivors last time.

The focus this time around is on Megan, the daughter of Hadley Lucas. Megan lives in the settlement of New Atlanta with some of the other survivors. In catching up with everyone, we learn Angus is dead, Axl is missing, Vivian is losing it and the overall situation for everyone else isn't so great.

The regulators are still the heads of the colonies and are still as corrupt as ever. However, since the CDC is located in New Atlanta, they're taking evil to new heights. Further proof that while the undead are a force to be reckoned with, humans in general are the true enemy.

Megan, or Meg as she's known to everyone, is dealing with everything inside New Atlanta as best as she can, but as time goes on, she starts to realize that everything she knew or believed in might not be the most accurate picture of what's going on. Someone she should fear becomes a friend and someone who was a friend becomes the person she most fears.

As her world unravels, we see the horrors those in charge are capable of- selective executions, a cull disguised as an outbreak, pushing people to the brink to serve their end game- and there are people tired of it.

This chapter ends with those people set to do something about New Atlanta, knowing that if they can pull it off, they doom themselves life as it was 20 years ago.

Can't wait to see what happens......and to see if someone goes out with a bang.........

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Night the Jack O' Lantern Went Out

Alexander S. Brown released a set of short stories, but they aren't cute little anecdotes about a jack o' lantern coming to life and going trick or treating with some neighborhood kids.

Outhouse- Family story night takes an unexpected twist. Stories passed through generations started somewhere, some with more sinister origins than others.

Faceless- Amazing how something as simple as a little plaything could cause so much grief. Grant the wish or they'll take something from you.

Old Souls- There's something to be said for gathering to honor the dead, but the guest list really should be limited.

The Fire Watcher- Family history is a funny thing. Traditions start for a reason and end for other reasons. Some things are just meant to be heeded more than others.

Lord of the Garden- Meet Buddy! On second thought, don't meet Buddy. Observe him from a distance.

The Spell Collector- Careful who you decide to be friends with. They may leave you in debt to someone you don't want to mess with. Ever.

Old Wife's Tale- Even Death enjoys a twofer. Trust me on this one.

Following the Leader- Beware children in the Halloween parade!

Haunted House- The lengths someone is willing to go for reality is just staggering.

The Night the Jack O' Lantern Went Out- What happens when you spend your time being a right little bastard? You help someone end their time in Purgatory.

Luck- Learn from history on what happens when you spend your time being spiteful because you can.

Mean Spirited- The things we're willing to do for those we love can be spectacular.....and disturbing.....

Owls- Hoo? Hoo? Hoooooooo?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Syrenthia Falls

It's a tale as old as time- the newcomer to the area winds up as an outcast for one reason or another before being accepted by another group and suddenly having a social life.

But there's a twist.

The newfound group of friends decide to test an urban legend as their first outing as a group. And it goes about as good as you can expect- with a free trip to the hospital.

As time goes on, we find out the thing in the woods was a werewolf, but not by bite. What it creates sets in motion events that add to the urban legends in the area and leave the survivors to deal with the aftermath.

Eventually, one of the survivors gives in to the baser instincts, decides what the hell and goes on a bloody revenge spree. The other survivor recognizes what they've become and realizes they have to put a permanent end to their friendship.

Murder! Mayhem! Spiked wine!

When it comes down to it, it had to end the way it ended, but that doesn't make anyone feel good about how things ended

The story ends with somewhat of a happy ending, but also a little advice- Before you decide to go screwing around with a local legend, just how do you think those legends begin?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Out of the Dark

Claire C. Riley brings us into a world where a disease has spread, pretty much everything has died off and there are monsters running around.

That's right- monsters. Not the kind that lurk. These monsters are the kind that hunt you down, rip cars apart and wear pearls.

The narrator never introduces herself, but we know she's traveling with Lily, her daughter. The narrator found Lily on her travels and quickly adopted her. It would appear Lily is an oddity, not because she has something supernaturally special about her, it's because she's a child. Most children died when the disease started spreading.

The narrator and Lily travel together, trying to find somewhere safe to stay where there is food while they tried to avoid the monsters. They do meet other survivors, but like most survival situations, hell is other people. For everyone willing to sacrifice their safe haven to save you, there's someone out for their own intentions.

When the end of their journey comes, Lily is faced with the one thing she doesn't want.

And we feel her despair.

But Lily is safe now and the time of monsters is coming to an end.

Right? Right?!

Monday, May 16, 2016


Author Claire C. Riley has a new book series coming out and the cover got revealed today!!!!!

‘Out of the Dark #1’

We are temporary. Finite.
The choices we’ve made, the people we have loved. Who we used to be no longer matters.
Because now it is all about the ending. And the ending always comes too soon.
There’s fear in the dark. And behind every drop of light, the shadows creep and the darkness comes in the form of clawing, red-eyed monsters. They hunt us—stalk us…they are desperate to destroy us.
But I have a reason to fight the darkness and everything in it. A small glimpse of light that lives within my golden-haired daughter, Lilly. She is my strength. She is my everything.
Every life is an untold story, each scene unfolding until the final act. But our ending has yet to be written, and I will continue to protect us, until I can not.

Uh, no. That's a book blurb. Try again.

"Riley delivers a story that is equal parts thrilling and breathtaking. It beautifully illustrates the lengths we go to survive and what it means to love when we've lost everything." 
NYT & USA Today bestselling Author A. Meredith Walters

"Riley’s ‘Out of the Dark’ holds a special place in my heart. Before I’d devoured it, I’d never read a book that so beautifully and eloquently captured the distressing, aching love a mother holds for her child. It is built into the heart strings of a woman, natural and uncontainable. It goes past biological and into spiritual.In her most unique and mysterious way, Riley has given us a transcendent picture of love in the midst of a terrifying climate. She has shown us what it means to choose your family, that it is a matter of honor and earning and not a matter of a blood bond and obligation. I am honored to have read this book pre-release and I know it will stick to me like honey, nearly glued onto the fabric of who I am as a human being."
Speculative fiction author - Eli Constant

"A beautifully written story that makes you realize that you should always have hope, even in the most desperate of circumstances. It will tug at your heart strings, until by the end, there isn’t a dry eye in the house."
Goodreads & Amazon reviewer

Now see, that's not a cover either. Those are review snippets for the book. Look, the folks came here for the cover, let's show them the cover!


Claire C. Riley is a USA Today and International bestselling author. She is also a bestselling British horror writer and an Amazon top 100 bestseller.
Her work is best described as the modernization of classic, old-school horror. She fuses multi-genre elements to develop storylines that pay homage to cult classics while still feeling fresh and cutting edge. She writes characters that are realistic, and kills them without mercy. Claire lives in the United Kingdom with her husband, three daughters, and one scruffy dog.

Author of:
Odium The Dead Saga Series (3 books), 
Odium Origins Series (3 books),
Limerence (The Obsession Series) (2 books),
Thicker than Blood series (2 books),
& Shut Up & Kiss me,
Plus much more.

Contact Links:

‘She writes characters that are realistic and then kills them without mercy’ – Eli Constant author of Z-Children, Dead Trees, Mastic and much more.

See now you're just being silly. That's the author's biography and how to find them on the web and social media. Where's the cover?

Add it to your bookshelves here --> Out of the Dark #1

No, that's how you can add the book to your shelf on Goodreads. Well hang on a second, let's click on the link. And then the cover.

Oh for #$%*^ sake, that's not the cover, that's the author! Look, if the cover is being shy, we can wait until they're ready.


Oh stop showing off.

Look for Out of the Dark by Claire C. Riley on May 26th wherever you happen to look for books. I recommend the nearest pocket dimension or zombie friendly book seller.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Urban Temples of Cthulhu

Most people think of Cthulhu from that South Park "Coon and Friends," but people who don't rely on pop culture to give them everything know Cthulhu as an elder God brought to life by H.P. Lovecraft. The stories in this anthology center around showing modern takes of the elder God....sans Eric Cartman.....

Little Gods- James Pratt's character talks about his beliefs and his encounter with someone who brings in some perspective.

Sects and the Single Girl- Steven A. Roman shows that sexual harassment suits can happen anywhere, but sometimes it's just a little understanding that's needed.

The Kings in Rebel Yellow- Kurt Khave presents the tale of a very sought after couch.

The Face of God Within- Brian H. Seitzman shows us what happens when a loser decides to take his life back by following a friend's referral to a place that sounds too good to be true.

The Black Metal of Derek Zann- Aaron Besson's Bleak Cathedral bring a new member into the fold and he brings them into a whole new level.

Cosmic Cavity or The Mouth of Man- Carl R. Jennings lets us meet the dentist of the damned.

Along the Shore of Old Ridge- Stuart Conover's soldier wants to satisfy his curiosity, to find an answer to something he found so many years ago.

Sleep Talking- Jeff C. Stevenson puts new meaning to getting rid of the ol' ball and chain.

Matriarch of Skid Row- M.C. Bluhm shows what happens when a cop gets a little too curious in the name of being righteous.

Uncle Lovecraft: The Complete Oral History- David Acord talks about a show that may or may not have existed and how it affected those who were able to see it.

Strange Communion- Allen Griffin shows how accepting new things can lead in very interesting directions

Death in the Sunset- Guy Riessen talks about what we do to fix things, but ultimately, we become fodder for something else.

The Abomination of St. Jude- David F. Gray introduces us to Destin. Destin meets Sloan. Sloan shows Destin his new destiny.

Flesh-Bound Shadow- M.S. Swift's gardens should be closely watched and not disregarded.

Doorstepping- Kelda Crich finally gives a third option that seems to more sense than what we're experiencing right now.

Saturday Night at the Esoteric Order of Dagon- Jill Hand talks about belief and dashed hopes. Bet they didn't think the belief was so strong to escape the mistaken identity.

City of our Lady, Queen of the Angels, Virgin Mother of a Thousand Young- Keven Wetmore lets us see what happens when you think you know more than you really do.

Warm Red Sea- Jaap Boekstein wraps things up with Nathalie's journey to become who she really is and not what Leon thinks he's manipulated her into.

The stories collected in this anthology were great to read and the way the voices came together was just great, but my biggest problem was the digital formatting. There were times it became difficult to read because of weird spacing and randomly inserted images.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Deadsville is a horror collection from the minds of T.D. Trask and Dale Elster. After a little poem appetizer, we dig right in to the main course!

The Pit- (Dale Elster) Here we learn the consequences of when you cross the fine line between being a tool and full on douchebaggery. 

Knacker Man- (T.D. Trask) A tale of the beliefs that carry in small towns, go bump in the night and ensure you know when it's time.

What Happened on Black Hill Road- (Dale Elster) Time to believe that legends will come back to get what they were promised in the first place. Comes complete with flamey bits.

Knew It All Along- (T.D. Trask) Psychics, serial killer truck drivers and rivers! Oh my!

Still Water- (Dale Elster) Are you ever really certain you're seeing things correctly? That you're really bringing about a solution and not just another problem?

The Other Redeemer- (T.D. Trask and Dale Elster) Theological discussions and unearthed secrets are often paths to destruction. Or murder. Whichever comes naturally.

Tree Branches in the Water- (T.D. Trask) There are times when you need to act and do whatever you can for family. And then there are times when you should go with your first instinct.

A Job's a Job- (T.D. Trask) Even the Devil has to think of new way to collect souls, but you'd think he would have done this one already.

A Crack in the Window- (Dale Elster) The monsters aren't in the closet, children, they're everywhere. And no stuffed kittens can protect you.

Knock Knock- (T.D. Trask) Sometimes you're so sick, you hallucinate someone at the door. Sometimes you're so sick, you need a hammer to go whack whack whack.

Head Shot- (Dale Elster) Zombies are the products of conspiracy theories. And drugs.

The Children in the Meadow- (T.D. Trask) Family farms are a strange thing. They seem to attract all sorts of interesting things that seem to cloister themselves in one part of the farm. And they know you'll be back because you'll always be back.

Dead Bird Waltz- (Dale Elster) Vampires hunt humans. Humans hunt vampires. Oh to dream of family before the fire.

And our time in Deadsville comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

Suicide Station

I was introduced to this book via Kindle Scout. It didn't get picked up via scouting, but it still got published. The snippet on Scout intrigued me, so I picked it up when it got published and got down to reading.

Suicide Station is Jack Wallen's odd little take on death. He's introduced us to Foster Donovan, a comedian with the yips who decides to end it all. He thinks he'll be missed, but if his wife's reaction is any indication, the answer is "uh no," possibly "uh hell no."

Foster winds up in a purgatory like place called Suicide Station. It's where he has to get used to death before he's shipped off to his final, erm, well resting place doesn't sound right and final destination is a film series, so we'll just go with final spot on the map.

After death's minion dumps Foster off in purgatory, he meets Candy. Candy's job is to get him acclimated before the spot on the map thing can happen. Candy likes what she sees and decides to break the rules for the death marked comedian.

After the initial meeting with Candy, Foster meets his roommate David David, pothead extraordinaire. Some dinner, some flirting, some ganja, some speculation and then Foster is back in his life again.

Wait...what? He's living again?

Yep, apparently Foster went and found himself a little loophole and wouldn't you know it? The end comes up the same way, with some minor variations when he returns to the Station.

Going much further than that would spoil things and the odd little journey of Foster Donovan really deserves better than that.

So keep the dead baby jokes to yourself and give the book a try!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Enemy Held Near

The story is told through multiple viewpoints- the Turner family, Melinda Goshen and Xandra. Through various experiences, they all wind up at the ancestral Turner family home.

Melinda and Xandra are expendable, but the ghosts of the Turner family want Foster to keep Ruthie and their girls in the home. Family must stay together you see.

Not everyone has been able to stay together though. Foster's parents died and he was raised by Uncle Duke. Uncle Duke tries to control things throughout most of the story, but even he can see the family's history can't continue.

Ruthie is focused on escaping the Turner home with her daughters. Due to her past, she might have been seen as easy to control to keep around, but inner strength is enough to conquer most demons.

Maggie is able to see the family ghosts while Heather is just a teenager.

The family's killer history comes to a head, just not in the way anyone really wanted. Prices are paid and now they must remain hidden.

There are so many twists and turns, you really have to read the story in one sitting to make sure you're keeping it all straight. Thankfully the story is so engaging, that's not an issue.


Sunday, April 10, 2016


So I got a message via Goodreads:

Hi Bazi,

I saw your review of The First Days by Rhiannon Frater on Goodreads and thought you might be interested in a novel I read recently that is in a similar genre.

It's called Z-Minus, by a writer called Perrin Briar. [blah blah blah filler filler filler blah blah blah] 

Thank you for your time.

Since I read the message before I drank any coffee, my morning sarcasm kicked in and I thought many things along the lines "Bot spam," but looks like the book was legit, so I picked it up and made some coffee.

The start of the book reads like a disaster movie- blurbs from experts, social media excerpts, etc. After we get past that, we're introduced to Chris.

Chris is pretty oblivious to the start of the zombie apocalypse until he runs into a neighbor who fills him in and gives him a copy of his "bible"- World War Z.

Not only is Chris oblivious to what's going on around him, he shuns the remaining living member of his family because he's not sure if he got infected while he was at home. Chris agrees to take his daughter, Maisie, to her aunt's house. The aunt isn't around, so Chris reasons Maisie needs to be with her grandmother and the best way to do that at the start of an apocalypse is to commit grand theft auto.

Grand theft auto is followed by random road stupidity, revelations and idiots dying zombie.

And then more blurbs.

After reading the book, it took me a really good chunk of time to think about what I was going to say because it was a struggle to finish the book and not say screw it and delete it from my Kindle. Quite frankly, it reads like a B movie script and to know it continues for another two books is pretty #$%@& painful and there's no way in hell I'll be reading them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alone: A Zombie Novel

I became a fan of Kate L. Mary ever since I gave Broken World a shot. I've followed Axl and Vivian's story and when I heard she was releasing a new book, I pre-ordered it.

Now imagine my surprise when I sat down to read the book that she felt the need to explain that while this was set in the same universe as Axl and Viv, it was not an Axl and Viv story. Ok, no worries, whatever.

I got fully absorbed into the story of Jules and Roman in their community of Coastal Manor. Jules is the transplant- her father shipped there to bring everyone into line with what Atlanta wants. Roman is the native son of the community's leader, who we later discover is a total asshat.

Time passes and eventually Roman and Jules discover they mesh, regardless of what anyone else thinks. However, things come to a head and it becomes obvious to them everything sucks and they need to figure somewhere else to be.

That plan turns out to be the wrong idea and suddenly we're in a race against time to save a loved one.

And there isn't a happy ending.......because it's the goddamn zombie apocalypse where life isn't sunshine and rainbows.

However, the author acknowledges that people are going to be a little pissy about how things turned out and it made me a little sad. People should understand zombies equal mass death and while there will be happy moments, not everything has to go their way.

Dead is dead. Either deal with it or stop reading zombie stories.

I'm interested to see which way things go if this storyline continues.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Best Horror Shorts: 2015

There's no intro, so lets just hop right on in there!

The Crow Scare- Mandi S. Lockley kicks things off with a crow who proves that when you screw with animals, they return the favor tenfold.

A Flash Of Light- Stuart Conover introduces us to Justin, who's just woke up from a fever. He's not totally certain of what's going on around him, but he soon learns he's not truly in control.

City Park- John A. Karr starts off with Marcus, who teaches us a valid argument for staying home with a pastry and coffee. We then meet Lars who discovers what happens when some dumb hick gets a hold of ancient magic.

The Initiate- Edward Ahern provides us with a really valid reason why neighbors are a bad idea.Walt is no prize pick either, but no one really deserves that. Just stick to watching them through the mini blinds in the living room.

The Tracks of Ridge Rock Station- S.H. Mansouri tells us about revenge via train. All Elmer wanted to know is what happened to Thelma. Prices to pay and exchanges to be made.

A Mouth Full of Spiders, A Gut Full of Snakes- Rhoads Brazos's nameless character is living in a time where life as we currently know it no longer exists. Don't reveal too much though, there are curses about.

A Campfire Tale- Shannon Hollinger's Fran tells a tale that shows what can happen in real life is far more horrifying than anything a screenwriter could think up. Don't forget to say you met her!

Harlequin Midnight- S.E. Casey shows us one family waiting through a tradition for their children. They have to make it home by midnight. In the end, it's all hilariously sad, so please don't interfere.

Open, Locks, Whoever Knocks- Timothy C. Hobbs has a mirror that isn't quite what it seems. Are you sure you're seeing what you see or is there something else there?

The Village of Sirenas Caida- Rebecca Carter wraps things up by warning us of siren songs.

If that was the best of 2015, I can't wait to see what 2016 brings!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Corpus Deluxe: Undead Tales of Terror

This horror anthology with an intro by Jorge Salgado-Reyes talking about his thoughts on horror and one of his own experiences into the unknown. He then wishes us well on our journey through the disturbing things these story tellers will put into our minds.

A Tale Of The Undead- Tony Dews's investigator has a great amount of curiosity that takes them to Scotland after reading about an unsolved happening with several mystery elements in it- four people dead and no way to truly explain it. Through "local" research, the investigator learns what must come next....complete with sharp object......

Night Class- David Jon Fuller's student studies martial arts with a very stern teacher. He's tested and comes out on top. Student surpasses master. Student becomes master. Drinks?

Lorscapedia- Edward Ahern's lovers learn a very hard lesson when it comes to messing with the locals and their traditions. Change happens for some easier than others.

Blood Bond- Druscilla Morgan and Roy C. Booth present their take on Jack the Ripper. All it takes is one slip and messing with the wrong person. As you stare at the walls, you can wonder if that one insult had been worth it.

Night Shift- Jan Goeb's night watchman is a pleasant fellow, taking us through his life watching over the dead and the perils he has to deal with. Except for zombies. Epoxy and shrink wrap keep them at bay.

Lucky Chucky- Stuart Conover's Chuck thinks he's the luckiest man around after getting to safety with a survival enthusiast. After all he must be lucky since he's come through the beginning of the end with just a scratch, right?

Amongst The Dead- R. Thomas Riley gives a slice of history via the Alamo. Zombie changing history.

The Death of Halpin Frayser- Ambrose Bierce.....yes, the Ambrose Bierce who wrote The Devil's Dictionary. What? There is nothing that says an anthology of horror needs to be made up solely of contemporary materials. Tcht, fine. Moving along.

Stiffed- Ken MacGregor and Kerry G.S. Lipp meet death with a sense of humor. Jason never intended to have his day wind up the way it did, but what if it was hereditary?

Chooser Of The Unslain- Cynthia Booth and Roy C. Booth introduce us to Hans, a soldier in Germany. He believes an encounter with a Valkyrie tells him to hunt for a man, but was he more damaged by that pipe?

River Red- James S. Durr presents a horrific fairy tale. Jealously is an ugly thing, isn't it Fiona?

Night Walker- DJ Tyrer presents a story about a family massacred and the things seen in the night after the event of that night. What was that tall man after?

Carlsen's Plastic Tarps- Roy C. Booth and Axel Kohagen shows containment of the undead. Don't ask unless you're really certain you want the answer.

The Vampire Costume- Daniel S. Duvall reminds us to be careful what we wish for, especially on Halloween.

No Rest- Rose Blackthorn presents what happens when you don't have enough sleep. The waking dead if you will.

What Are You?- Brian Lu shows that when the dead rise again, the worst thing to come from this won't be the zombies, it will be the living.

Battle of Bones- Robert E. Howard talk about the horror of betrayal and fits the French in there.

Blood Of Nyx- Our last story is actually a book excerpt from Druscilla Morgan and Roy C. Booth.

Overall, not a bad collection.