Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Night the Jack O' Lantern Went Out

Alexander S. Brown released a set of short stories, but they aren't cute little anecdotes about a jack o' lantern coming to life and going trick or treating with some neighborhood kids.

Outhouse- Family story night takes an unexpected twist. Stories passed through generations started somewhere, some with more sinister origins than others.

Faceless- Amazing how something as simple as a little plaything could cause so much grief. Grant the wish or they'll take something from you.

Old Souls- There's something to be said for gathering to honor the dead, but the guest list really should be limited.

The Fire Watcher- Family history is a funny thing. Traditions start for a reason and end for other reasons. Some things are just meant to be heeded more than others.

Lord of the Garden- Meet Buddy! On second thought, don't meet Buddy. Observe him from a distance.

The Spell Collector- Careful who you decide to be friends with. They may leave you in debt to someone you don't want to mess with. Ever.

Old Wife's Tale- Even Death enjoys a twofer. Trust me on this one.

Following the Leader- Beware children in the Halloween parade!

Haunted House- The lengths someone is willing to go for reality is just staggering.

The Night the Jack O' Lantern Went Out- What happens when you spend your time being a right little bastard? You help someone end their time in Purgatory.

Luck- Learn from history on what happens when you spend your time being spiteful because you can.

Mean Spirited- The things we're willing to do for those we love can be spectacular.....and disturbing.....

Owls- Hoo? Hoo? Hoooooooo?

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