Tuesday, February 10, 2015

state of horror- north carolina

Welcome to the next installment in the State of Horror series! This time we're traveling to the magical land of Cheerwine! And fights about BBQ styles! Welcome to North Carolina! Now let's see what horror can be found in a state with a triangle that doesn't nibble on ships.

A Little More Mud In The Pasquotank- Nathanael Gass introduces us to the legend of Nell Cropsey. Nell is the victim in an unsolved murder that took place years ago when she was found in the river. We don't get to find out who killed Nell, but we are treated to an outcome a few of us have felt afterwards (just trust me on this one).

A Feast Of Sorrow- Frank Larnerd treats us to a story about a man and a dog. Like all good man and dog stories, it involves a witch who feeds on the sorrows of others in order to survive (considering that's her power, you'd think she'd set up shop....oh nevermind) and she feels she found her next meal in the man, but the dog isn't having any of that.

Death With Benefits- Randal Keith Jackson kicks things off with murder. Then resurrection. Then zombies driving trucks. Then Florida. Which seems to make plenty of sense when you think about it. C'mon grandpa!

The Sacred Cave- Kathryn M. Hearst tells us a tale of what happens when you mess with ancients. Not only are you subjected to block parties, but trips to their homes result in memory loss. And when you remember- the debt has been paid.......with interest..........

Fourth Point- Spencer Carvlho creates a world where the Bermuda Triangle extends to North Carolina. Comes complete with a uniquely named pizzeria, lucky charms, witches, Bigfoot and vans with tricky sliding doors. Plus you know the travel guide has to be amazing.

By The Crescent Moon- Kenneth W. Cain presents a different take on what happens when you mess with ancients. Listen to old ladies, let your cat wander at night and for the love of all that is holy- stay off that hill!

Chicken Bingo- Frank J. Elder introduces us to a game called Chicken Bingo. The rules are easy- you guess where the chicken is going to do its business and if you predict right, you win money. You also win the chance to raise the dead, but only if you're really good.

A Heartbeat In The Darkness- Stuart Conover and Kerry Lipp cover the ancients through an archaeological dig. When you dig, you find things and in finding things, you gain knowledge. When you dig too deep, you learn things that you don't get to share with anyone else. Now please take your drum and get out of my head.

Dead Girl Mary- Susan Hicks Wong treats us to a ghost story involving a girl named Mary, a boy named JT, a mandolin and a deserted road. You start out thinking you're reading a classic ghost story, but you quickly come around and realize that some how in some way, the past righted itself.

The Devil You Know- Matt Andrew tells the story of a biker gang member who wound up in prison from a strange set of circumstances involving a shoot out and a man dual wielding some 45s. Death is a part of life, someone always sees it coming and passing through Devil's Tramping Grounds is not recommended......which is no secret......

Paddy Wagon Pete- L.J. Heydorn introduces us to Pete, a blood collector. Pete lives in a world where people pay for blood to extend their lives. He also lives in a world where a devil dog lives and wouldn't you know, Pete gets to meet the dog. All I want to know is this- where does the mini fridge fit?!

Tools Of The Trade- Margaret L. Cotton shares the story of Josie and Davis, a couple of serial killers in love. Literally. What starts off as a meet cute quickly turns dark. On a dark and stormy night you might find yourself fighting for your life.

Dying Days: Grey Man- Armand Rosamilia treats us to a slice of zombie life, sans zombies. This chapter focuses on Scotty (remember him? he's the guy that Jack deserted back in Illinois) and his trip home. After reconnecting with a family friend (best IOU in zombie apocalypse EVER!), Scotty learns a new method of survival in buried backpacks. We leave Scotty just as Mother Nature visits (zombienado? zombicane?)

Another satisfying slice of state based horror. Can't wait for the next course!

p.s. kansas city style bbq! spread the word!