Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Ables

From half the mind that brought you CinemaSins comes a book. The trailer can be found here:
The Ables Book Trailer

Now, I am really looking forward to writing my take about this book and hope that folks read it!

Kindle: The Ables via Kindle

Nook: The Ables via Nook

And of course there's the old fashioned way of getting the paperback version via Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but where's the fun in that? You can't easily sneak a paperback into a meeting to drown out the idiot warbling on for 45 minutes about something you couldn't give a rat's ass about.

But I digress....digest.......blender.....

The book comes out May 1st, but if you pre-order it and register the book here: Cinema Sins Book, then spiffy things are afoot! And who doesn't love spiffy things?

Happy reading little critters!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I

Our State of Horror journey has taken us from the Land of Lincoln to the Garden State to the Tar Heel State and now it brings us to the Bayou State- Louisiana! Home of Mardi Gras, Tabasco Sauce, food, music, folklore, Cajuns, Creoles, and wildlife, the state boasts a rich history and like most states has horrors lying beneath the surface.

This State of Horror entry is unique because there will be two visits to Lousiana, so now you don't have to choose between the Étouffée and beignets!

Goodie-Goodie- Our anthology kicks off with a story from Chad McKee about a man named Maxwell Tibbs. Max finds himself out of a job and blames his former friend for the loss of his job, especially since the order was handed down by someone other than his friend. In his anger, he summons an old evil. In his anger, he summons an angry mob. In his anger, he learns what happens when you don't stop to think things through.

Risen- Pamela Troy spins a tale about a plantation named Risen and the history behind it. The history is disguised in a story about Amy, a girl who is staying on the plantation with her family while their real home is being remodeled. Amy learns the evil wrought by the ancestor of the family friend, responsible for the death of so many people. The family is never there during Easter. It doesn't take long to learn why.

Stealing Sight- Tommy B. Smith lets us meet Tarantula. Tarantula seeks enlightenment via clear blue eyes. The truth of a soul. Tarantula's search leads her to Jocelyn, which doesn't go well. Seek the truth with the spirits of the river. Their truth may not be what you truly seek.

The Pea Farm- Amanda Hard introduces us to some ghost hunters on their way to see if a prison farm is truly haunted. Terrible things happened while the prison farm was open. We get glimpses of them while the ghost hunters are setting up their equipment before a storm moves in. Then history begins to repeat itself.

First, Make A Roux- Allie Marini Batts's tale is about Blanche, a divorcee who starts to remember how much she loved cooking. An ad brings her to an estate sale where she learns about Marigny, the late owner of the house. Blanche is given a special recipe to help in healing her heart (recipe included!) and soon not only is her heart healed, but her life begins to heal.

Voter Base- Sarah Glenn shows us what happens when you try to let greed get the better of you. Slick talking can help you get out situations, but when you have to own up to what you promise....can you?

Dying Days: Apple Bottom- Armand Rosamilla treats us to another chapter in zombocalypse. At a Klan rally of all things. Where the onset of the zombocalypse is starting. We meet Brett and Ellis in one of the strangest ways- ass ogling. Friendship via hatchback. Who knew?

Cajun Critter- Ethan Nahte shows us aliens can hide in hurricanes (whee!) while we watch a booze run (because bootleggers don't ID). Passwords, money, local folklore and bears aside, the booze is collected and it's back to the car. The return trip proves to be a little more flammable and full of death than the trip out.

Black Mud Curse- J. Jay Waller brings us a taste of some local folklore. While on a search for Civil War graves, some teens are caught up in the curse of a local witch. Some possession, some death, some mud and the lesson of don't scoff at stories that last for generations.

The Recycling of the Skin- Alexander S. Brown introduces us to Douglas Reynolds, a furrier, in Baton Rouge to visit his mother. After acting like a complete jackass to the cabbie, Douglas arrives at his mother's apartment building, where his mother cannot be found. Stench of death aside, Douglas settles in for his visit and contemplates what to see. Too bad all he sees is the local furrier....

Runner- Henry P. Gravelle drops us in on Georgie, who's on the run after stealing a coin from a witch and winding up with a demon on his back. Georgie manages to get rid of the coin on some unsuspecting teenagers. One winds up on the run, one winds up dead and the other winds up in the hospital. Your friend can stay.

Bayou Bites- Jay Seate introduces us to Dan, a private investigator. Dan's assignment is to follow the wife of rich man who believes she is debasing herself by messing around with transients. Dan finishes his assignment and, to an extent, the wife finishes him.

Changing Favors- The last helping in this volume of horror gumbo is brought to us by Margaret L. Colton. Margaret introduces us to Katie, during a terrible moment. The person she loves, who she thought loved her, is leaving and tells her to just move on. During a vacation to New Orleans, Katie does just that, she moves on. Did you just hear a shriek?

The State of Horror anthology series is seriously becoming one of my favorite book series to follow. It's not very often that I will spend an evening with a browser tab open hitting refresh until the new release is available.

Thank you to all the authors who provide a little fright in the night and now the waiting for Volume 2: Louisiana begins!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Virus Z

I found myself in between books, so I went rooting around on Amazon and found a book called Virus Z. It's a serialized novel, but the complete collection wasn't that expensive, so I went for it.

I want my money back.

The story started off so well. We get to meet James Ericson, a Canadian scientist to be working as a lab assistant for the CDC. His boss and mentor is someone who works via government funding on mutated viruses, something James learns after the fact.

Thanks to a broken slide, the zombie apocalypse is on and the story takes off with James working to escape the CDC. Awesome.

James gets the idea to head to his university in Canada to figure out what the hell just happened. Awesome.

James finds a random flash drive in his pocket and it could be what's caused the end of the world. Awesome.

James meets up with a woman and her kid and decides to form a family and take them to Canada. Fuck you cliche.

They make it to Canada! They find something that could work! They unleash it on the United States! It causes an outcome they couldn't see! If James and woman leave Canada, they may not get to return and will desert her kid! Again, fuck you cliche.

What started off as a fun read left me annoyed by the end. Cliched, trite and given higher reviews than it should have been.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Untold Tales Omnibus: Zombie Stories from the As the World Dies Universe

I love love love LOVE the As the World Dies trilogy and when I got my hands on this Omnibus (thanks Rhiannon Frater for hosting the zombie party!), I couldn't wait to start reading. But best laid plans and all you know.

Anyway, I finally got the time to sit down and read this cover to cover (again, is it really cover to cover when a Kindle is involved?) and fell in love with this universe and all that inhabit it all over again.

The Broken Heart- This is the story that introduces us to Katie's late wife, Lydia. While it was nice to get to know Lydia and see what a lovely person she was, it was bittersweet. Everything Katie said about her was right. Too bad the neighbors didn't think so.

Dangerous Highways- Meet Monica, Juan's cousin. Her initial introduction to us is in a fashion that I think most people will spend the zombie apocalypse (got a mint?). After we get through some back story, we learn that the way survivors are portrayed is likely the way humanity will wind up. Stick with your family and don't do evil against others kids.

Vacation of the Undead- Meet Eric. Meet Pepe. Meet Brandy. Meet Zombies. Meet Karma. Meet Stacey. Meet water tower. Meet Ashley Oaks. Meet home. Meet happy ending.

Revelations- Now we meet Katarina in her life before she became Nerit's protege. I have to admit that I was surprised at Katarina's life before the fort. I never would have guessed her family was the way they were or how her first day in the Z life would go. Kudos to her!

A Terrible Moment- I liked this story. It fit in with the rest of the universe, but wasn't part of the universe. Survivors contemplate what they need to survive....and a spurned women mistaken about life makes a different decision......

Friendship in the Time of Zombies- Ken and Lenore!! It was nice to see how their life moved along before the zombies arrived. Camping!

Deadly Night- I covered this one already. It's on this site somewhere.

The Back Roads of Zombie Hell- I like Rune. I like Rune more now. Hey meth heads- beware mediums in the zombie apocalypse.

The Wickedest Woman in Texas- Still don't like the senator.

The Fearless Zombie Killer- Emma is the mirror of Jenni, sans Katie. Haunted by tiny fingers, Emma wipes out an entire town of zombies.

Thank you, Rhiannon Frater. Thank you for sharing these stories and giving us the chance to get to know these beloved characters a little more.