Friday, March 13, 2015

Virus Z

I found myself in between books, so I went rooting around on Amazon and found a book called Virus Z. It's a serialized novel, but the complete collection wasn't that expensive, so I went for it.

I want my money back.

The story started off so well. We get to meet James Ericson, a Canadian scientist to be working as a lab assistant for the CDC. His boss and mentor is someone who works via government funding on mutated viruses, something James learns after the fact.

Thanks to a broken slide, the zombie apocalypse is on and the story takes off with James working to escape the CDC. Awesome.

James gets the idea to head to his university in Canada to figure out what the hell just happened. Awesome.

James finds a random flash drive in his pocket and it could be what's caused the end of the world. Awesome.

James meets up with a woman and her kid and decides to form a family and take them to Canada. Fuck you cliche.

They make it to Canada! They find something that could work! They unleash it on the United States! It causes an outcome they couldn't see! If James and woman leave Canada, they may not get to return and will desert her kid! Again, fuck you cliche.

What started off as a fun read left me annoyed by the end. Cliched, trite and given higher reviews than it should have been.

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