Monday, March 2, 2015

The Untold Tales Omnibus: Zombie Stories from the As the World Dies Universe

I love love love LOVE the As the World Dies trilogy and when I got my hands on this Omnibus (thanks Rhiannon Frater for hosting the zombie party!), I couldn't wait to start reading. But best laid plans and all you know.

Anyway, I finally got the time to sit down and read this cover to cover (again, is it really cover to cover when a Kindle is involved?) and fell in love with this universe and all that inhabit it all over again.

The Broken Heart- This is the story that introduces us to Katie's late wife, Lydia. While it was nice to get to know Lydia and see what a lovely person she was, it was bittersweet. Everything Katie said about her was right. Too bad the neighbors didn't think so.

Dangerous Highways- Meet Monica, Juan's cousin. Her initial introduction to us is in a fashion that I think most people will spend the zombie apocalypse (got a mint?). After we get through some back story, we learn that the way survivors are portrayed is likely the way humanity will wind up. Stick with your family and don't do evil against others kids.

Vacation of the Undead- Meet Eric. Meet Pepe. Meet Brandy. Meet Zombies. Meet Karma. Meet Stacey. Meet water tower. Meet Ashley Oaks. Meet home. Meet happy ending.

Revelations- Now we meet Katarina in her life before she became Nerit's protege. I have to admit that I was surprised at Katarina's life before the fort. I never would have guessed her family was the way they were or how her first day in the Z life would go. Kudos to her!

A Terrible Moment- I liked this story. It fit in with the rest of the universe, but wasn't part of the universe. Survivors contemplate what they need to survive....and a spurned women mistaken about life makes a different decision......

Friendship in the Time of Zombies- Ken and Lenore!! It was nice to see how their life moved along before the zombies arrived. Camping!

Deadly Night- I covered this one already. It's on this site somewhere.

The Back Roads of Zombie Hell- I like Rune. I like Rune more now. Hey meth heads- beware mediums in the zombie apocalypse.

The Wickedest Woman in Texas- Still don't like the senator.

The Fearless Zombie Killer- Emma is the mirror of Jenni, sans Katie. Haunted by tiny fingers, Emma wipes out an entire town of zombies.

Thank you, Rhiannon Frater. Thank you for sharing these stories and giving us the chance to get to know these beloved characters a little more.

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