Monday, April 25, 2016

Suicide Station

I was introduced to this book via Kindle Scout. It didn't get picked up via scouting, but it still got published. The snippet on Scout intrigued me, so I picked it up when it got published and got down to reading.

Suicide Station is Jack Wallen's odd little take on death. He's introduced us to Foster Donovan, a comedian with the yips who decides to end it all. He thinks he'll be missed, but if his wife's reaction is any indication, the answer is "uh no," possibly "uh hell no."

Foster winds up in a purgatory like place called Suicide Station. It's where he has to get used to death before he's shipped off to his final, erm, well resting place doesn't sound right and final destination is a film series, so we'll just go with final spot on the map.

After death's minion dumps Foster off in purgatory, he meets Candy. Candy's job is to get him acclimated before the spot on the map thing can happen. Candy likes what she sees and decides to break the rules for the death marked comedian.

After the initial meeting with Candy, Foster meets his roommate David David, pothead extraordinaire. Some dinner, some flirting, some ganja, some speculation and then Foster is back in his life again.

Wait...what? He's living again?

Yep, apparently Foster went and found himself a little loophole and wouldn't you know it? The end comes up the same way, with some minor variations when he returns to the Station.

Going much further than that would spoil things and the odd little journey of Foster Donovan really deserves better than that.

So keep the dead baby jokes to yourself and give the book a try!

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  1. Thank you so very much for your kind words about Suicide Station.