Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Enemy Held Near

The story is told through multiple viewpoints- the Turner family, Melinda Goshen and Xandra. Through various experiences, they all wind up at the ancestral Turner family home.

Melinda and Xandra are expendable, but the ghosts of the Turner family want Foster to keep Ruthie and their girls in the home. Family must stay together you see.

Not everyone has been able to stay together though. Foster's parents died and he was raised by Uncle Duke. Uncle Duke tries to control things throughout most of the story, but even he can see the family's history can't continue.

Ruthie is focused on escaping the Turner home with her daughters. Due to her past, she might have been seen as easy to control to keep around, but inner strength is enough to conquer most demons.

Maggie is able to see the family ghosts while Heather is just a teenager.

The family's killer history comes to a head, just not in the way anyone really wanted. Prices are paid and now they must remain hidden.

There are so many twists and turns, you really have to read the story in one sitting to make sure you're keeping it all straight. Thankfully the story is so engaging, that's not an issue.


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