Monday, April 25, 2016


Deadsville is a horror collection from the minds of T.D. Trask and Dale Elster. After a little poem appetizer, we dig right in to the main course!

The Pit- (Dale Elster) Here we learn the consequences of when you cross the fine line between being a tool and full on douchebaggery. 

Knacker Man- (T.D. Trask) A tale of the beliefs that carry in small towns, go bump in the night and ensure you know when it's time.

What Happened on Black Hill Road- (Dale Elster) Time to believe that legends will come back to get what they were promised in the first place. Comes complete with flamey bits.

Knew It All Along- (T.D. Trask) Psychics, serial killer truck drivers and rivers! Oh my!

Still Water- (Dale Elster) Are you ever really certain you're seeing things correctly? That you're really bringing about a solution and not just another problem?

The Other Redeemer- (T.D. Trask and Dale Elster) Theological discussions and unearthed secrets are often paths to destruction. Or murder. Whichever comes naturally.

Tree Branches in the Water- (T.D. Trask) There are times when you need to act and do whatever you can for family. And then there are times when you should go with your first instinct.

A Job's a Job- (T.D. Trask) Even the Devil has to think of new way to collect souls, but you'd think he would have done this one already.

A Crack in the Window- (Dale Elster) The monsters aren't in the closet, children, they're everywhere. And no stuffed kittens can protect you.

Knock Knock- (T.D. Trask) Sometimes you're so sick, you hallucinate someone at the door. Sometimes you're so sick, you need a hammer to go whack whack whack.

Head Shot- (Dale Elster) Zombies are the products of conspiracy theories. And drugs.

The Children in the Meadow- (T.D. Trask) Family farms are a strange thing. They seem to attract all sorts of interesting things that seem to cloister themselves in one part of the farm. And they know you'll be back because you'll always be back.

Dead Bird Waltz- (Dale Elster) Vampires hunt humans. Humans hunt vampires. Oh to dream of family before the fire.

And our time in Deadsville comes to an end. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

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