Friday, November 11, 2016

Death Gets A Book

Frank Elder is back with a book about Death.

I'm not kidding, it's a book about Death. There's a whole society of the little buggers (both literally and figuratively) running around offing people when it's been deemed their time.

How does one join such an organization? Well in the case of Vincent, it all started with a trip to Mexico and a night out to see something most people only learned about because of Clerks II. Since it's not a tourist spot, one of the locals sees fit to pull a prank and the next thing you know, a shallow grave is involved.

Vincent meets Death after he admits he's late (and tarted up to look like a Dia de los Muertos candy skull), but they weren't supposed to meet in that fashion. They were supposed to meet, a soul exchange would occur and zippidy do da. Instead, Vincent is now another death meaning Tart Death screwed up.

Moving along, Vincent Death is put through the steps, gets his Death stuff and gets reassigned to a post back home, which was expected. Soul collection can go faster if you know your way around an area (and don't have to rely on something like Apple Maps taking you off an overpass). Vincent Death is given his first assignment and off he goes..... have the soul stolen by his harpy of a dead wife, who has become something Death hates- a banshee. They're both in the soul collection business, but realistically, most people would want a scythe then to be screeched to death.

Vincent Death's screw up is recognized by another Death and they go against code to get the soul back from the banshee. Just when they think they've got it, more banshees show up and we find out that they're organizing. They're tired of competing against Death Co and want to get rid of the competition.

Skip skip skip TINY TINY DEATH skip skip skip MONSTER TRUCK RALLY skip skip skip

Now here's where it gets fun- Vincent Death promised the daughter of the soul he screwed up collecting that he would make things right. He has to admit failure, she volunteers to get dead and in another screw up, she's not Death, but another banshee. As if that's not bad enough, the bean counters have figured out something isn't right and now they have to punish Death.

Skip skip skip BANSHEE DEATH skip skip skip HAPPY ENDING skip skip skip BONUS MATERIAL skip skip skip THEY'RE REAL!

Long story short (too late!), Death Gets A Book is another fun read from the mind of Frank Elder. There really is a bonus short story included and you'll have to read both in order to make sure you're getting all references mentioned above. It's cheeky good fun! Just ask Death

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