Saturday, November 5, 2016

Return of the Pumpkins

When we met the pumpkins in 2015, it was pretty straightforward- they were magically murderlicious!

When Lacey Lane announced the pumpkins would be coming back, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one excited and followed updates on Twitter about the release, as well as offering some pretty odd fan theories about what they might be doing.

So what have the pumpkins been up to? What revenge are they seeking?

Well that's the fun part in all of this. It turns out the pumpkins left a lasting impression on the child in the first book- Peter.

Peter is no longer a child, but sadly has been spending this part of his life in a mental ward haunted by the events of that night. And his remaining family hasn't visited him. And he's haunted by the events of the night.

And he relies on the blue pill. No, not that one. What do you think you're reading?!

Peter meets someone in the current hospital who helps him want to start living again and forget the nightmare from all those years ago.

But during a little field trip, something happens and you're left wondering if that horrible night all those years ago really was those magically murderlicious pumpkins.........

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