Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Halloweeners

Author John Hennessy starts off his Halloween tale by explaining that Halloween celebrations in England are different than Halloween celebrations in America.

Makes sense. Even in America, Halloween is celebrated in different ways.

Then the author introduces us to The Halloweeners- Kirsty, Nula, Toby and the new guy, Craig.

The whole story centers around getting ready for trick or treating and following their yearly theme. Naturally, there's a route that has to be followed and the dare to go to the spooky house with the spooky person.

As the day draws closer, it seems the once close group is starting to fall apart. There are disagreements about the route, what's real, personalities and the usual teenage shenanigans.

But everything isn't quite what it seems.

So I'll ask you- Trick or Treat?

Next year, it's your turn.

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