Thursday, May 26, 2016

Out of the Dark

Claire C. Riley brings us into a world where a disease has spread, pretty much everything has died off and there are monsters running around.

That's right- monsters. Not the kind that lurk. These monsters are the kind that hunt you down, rip cars apart and wear pearls.

The narrator never introduces herself, but we know she's traveling with Lily, her daughter. The narrator found Lily on her travels and quickly adopted her. It would appear Lily is an oddity, not because she has something supernaturally special about her, it's because she's a child. Most children died when the disease started spreading.

The narrator and Lily travel together, trying to find somewhere safe to stay where there is food while they tried to avoid the monsters. They do meet other survivors, but like most survival situations, hell is other people. For everyone willing to sacrifice their safe haven to save you, there's someone out for their own intentions.

When the end of their journey comes, Lily is faced with the one thing she doesn't want.

And we feel her despair.

But Lily is safe now and the time of monsters is coming to an end.

Right? Right?!

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