Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alone: A Zombie Novel

I became a fan of Kate L. Mary ever since I gave Broken World a shot. I've followed Axl and Vivian's story and when I heard she was releasing a new book, I pre-ordered it.

Now imagine my surprise when I sat down to read the book that she felt the need to explain that while this was set in the same universe as Axl and Viv, it was not an Axl and Viv story. Ok, no worries, whatever.

I got fully absorbed into the story of Jules and Roman in their community of Coastal Manor. Jules is the transplant- her father shipped there to bring everyone into line with what Atlanta wants. Roman is the native son of the community's leader, who we later discover is a total asshat.

Time passes and eventually Roman and Jules discover they mesh, regardless of what anyone else thinks. However, things come to a head and it becomes obvious to them everything sucks and they need to figure somewhere else to be.

That plan turns out to be the wrong idea and suddenly we're in a race against time to save a loved one.

And there isn't a happy ending.......because it's the goddamn zombie apocalypse where life isn't sunshine and rainbows.

However, the author acknowledges that people are going to be a little pissy about how things turned out and it made me a little sad. People should understand zombies equal mass death and while there will be happy moments, not everything has to go their way.

Dead is dead. Either deal with it or stop reading zombie stories.

I'm interested to see which way things go if this storyline continues.

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