Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Anything but Zombies: A Short Story Anthology

Anything but Zombies is an anthology where we get a new twist on the things that go bump in the night. (Although I simply adored the description used in the forward about the things in 28 Days Later- people infected with weaponized monkey anger. This is so beyond awesome, I can't wait to use it in conversation!)

Night of the Living Dolls- Things kick off with Tim Curran's story about sex dolls from hell. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll make sure you have a functioning nail gun!

Down in a Hole- Armand Rosamilia's glimpse into the ghoul apocalypse is set in the basement of a convenience store. Psyches are evaluated, time is wasted, bottle openers are a must and don't use the word zombie for that is a naughty word. It's nice to know it will runs its course......until someone else says something they shouldn't........Cool Ranch Dorito?

The Sentient Cherry Cola That Tried to Destroy the World- Jeff Strand gives a very literal explanation of a cherry cola that came to life. Witches were involved. Anti-social soda manufacturers were involved. Lack of wonder and delight were involved. Flamethrowers, sporks and not pissing off the narrator should have been involved.

PC- No, Rebecca Besser isn't presenting a tale about the desktop from hell. Instead we're treated to what happens when being politically correct goes too far- you wind up with too many dead bodies and too few answers.

Crew Chief of the Damned- MontiLee Stormer's fast food wars are literal. Heaven, hell and sacrifices made in the fry vats seems pretty darn normal. Unless you don't have your sight yet. Then you're pretty much confused by everything.

The Shoal- Lee Moan drops us in on Callie and Steve on the run in a Trans Am from some mutant piranha type things. There was a meteor storm, repressed memories and munchies. Say, what took you so long?

Jack and the Bean Stalker- Tonia Brown shows that even when invaded by pod people, good sex overrides a person's ability to think about what's good for them. Cheers!

The Rider- Jake Bible's football fan might be insane. He might have lost touch with reality and set fire to his house to avoid selling. He might be the only person who sees an alien invasion of realtors trying to sell the planet. He might be batshit crazy for supporting the Broncos. Who knows?

Out of Mind- Faye McCray starts things off with murder. Tiffany is haunted by the dead girl. Katie-with-a-heart-over-the-i. It's not as simple as it looks. Tiffany felt threatened by the existence of  Katie-with-a-heart-over-the-i. Diem knew that, she sensed it out. Do you think we can still make the check in at our oasis?

The Takers- Gerald Dean Rice introduces us to Toby, currently suffering from writer's block. Toby does all sorts of things to break the writer's block, gives up and heads into town. That's when all the eerie things keep happening. Beware the blue light!

Mister Poo Poo- Our final entry comes from the mind of Jimmy Pudge. Actually, it comes from the mind of Bobby. And wrecks Bobby's family. And gets mad when it forgets the seasoning.

Well that was certainly a fun twisted read! Corona?

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