Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dying Days: Darlene Bobich Part II

The Dying Days universe has quite an expanse to it, so I'm going to focus on the story line that follows Darlene Bobich.

We pick things with Darlene in Dying Days, although we open on Darlene's usual bad luck with the surviving members of the human race. As we've grown accustom to seeing, Darlene ditches her bad luck and is soon back on her trek to find survivors in Florida.

Darlene manages to find shelter, stages a mini coup and takes over. She also finds a house nearby, but it's not a good idea. Yet. Darlene does manage to settle into a routine for a little while and finds herself missing the days when the zombies were just something on TV and not the current nightmare she's being subjected to.

In the midst of being normal, Darlene hears a plane and decides to abandon her shelter for the chance of being around normal people. She loses sight of the plane, finds some zombie friends and loses consciousness.

When she comes to, she finds herself in a bed. After some initial confusion, she learns that she is in a human settlement, currently zombie free. They're surviving better than others using stilt homes for shelter and making supply trades with a neighboring safe haven. Darlene decides it's better than the alternative and elects to stay. This time she decides to try living with other people, rather than staging a mini coup.

In getting to know the others, Darlene learns there are areas around the country that are fighting back against the undead and are winning, but this is all based on the information they receive from the settlement they trade with.

Time passes and Darlene is learning other ways to kill zombies and survive with the living, meeting plenty of interesting characters along the way.

Soon some people from the past appear and that's where we leave Darlene for now.

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