Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Trumpening: Twilight of the Golden Menace

The Trumpening: Twilight of the Golden Menace is brought to you by the mind of Tim W. Long. Before you go all crazy happy thinking he made Trump into one of the undead, well, that didn't happen.

Although knowing our luck, Trump in zombie form would.....ew....

The Trumpening is a tongue in cheek look at what over inflated egos would turn the country into if given half a chance. The sad thing is, it's totally believable. Yep, a glimpse into the Trumpocalypse.

Meet Andrew. At first, he's a happy little Trump drone, but then reality happens.

Meet Carlos Danger. That's not his real name, but why ruin the surprise?

Meet Nate and Leona. Proof you can't suppress brilliant minds.

Meet Alec. It's exactly what you think it is and it's awesome.

Meet the team that will find a way to end the Trump shenanigans (trumpnanigans?) and get everything back on track.

Find yourself on a wacky adventure full of twists, turns and pornstaches! It's a great read. It's an amazing read. It will make reading great again, you'll see.

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