Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Ok fangirls (yes, I said fangirls. happy squeaky noises when you hear something get the idea), Claire C Riley is back and has a new release!!!!

It's not the next Odium chapter, but it sounds like the further adventures of Nina, Mikey, and Crazypants are on the way!

Nope, the new release is called "Beautiful Victim." Claire introduces us to Ethan. Initially, he's living in a place with a damaged red door......something like this, only more scratched up

If you're wondering how the red door came up, then please take a second to check out the first two chapters of the book that Claire released as a giant teaser before the book's release. Just click the link below. I promise it's not the bad kind of click bait 😃

Beautiful Victim

The book officially drops on March 30th, so make sure you add it to your reading list!

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