Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Deadly Night: Jenni and Katie's Untold Story

This was a delightful piece of fan service and bless Rhiannon Frater for it.

Our story opens with some back story from the author, complete with dead laptop (who hasn't been there?)

The actual story begins with Katie getting pissed off at a zombie walking repeatedly into a light pole. It's obvious it's not a fresh zombie since it keeps repeating this action......or it's fresh and was too dumb to function in real life and that's how it wound up as one of the undead.....

Jenni joins Katie on her perch and watches the zombie's activity. Soon Jenni decides to hell with it and the zombie needs to bite it. Katie agrees to keep an eye from her perch and Jenni hits the streets with a crowbar.

After dispatching light pole zombie, Jenni hears the cry of a child. Flashing back on what happened to her own children, Jenni starts moving towards the noise with Katie joining her. It doesn't take long for zombies to find them on their quest to find where the noise is coming from. They're dispatched and they find a truck with a woman and two children hiding.

We find out the woman, Julia, is sick but not soon to be zombified sick. The children with her are sick as well, but Julia confirms they have not been bitten either. Julia refuses to leave the truck because they have met some unsavory people on their travels. She wants to wait for her other traveling companions, who left the truck in order to find medicine for everyone.

It doesn't take long for zombies to find them, so they have to call for back up from the fort while they work to thin out the herd that has been slowly working their way to the source of the noise. It doesn't take long for back up to arrive and they get to work getting rid of what they can, but things take a turn for the worse when some runners appear.

Soon it becomes obvious that in order to get Julia moving, they have to find her companions. The promise is made, Julia gets a move on with the children and the group divides up- Jenni goes in search of the companions and Katie heads back to the fort with everyone else.

The fort group gets back, but only barely outrunning the freshly turned runners. Nerit gives the order to shoot only the runners. The slow ones get their brains scrambled with spears. (They never do reveal what the medium zombies get though, which is a shame. What do you do with a medium speed zombie? Trap them until they get slow and then scramble them?)

Jenni's group sets out on foot to try and locate Julia's companions, but it soon becomes dangerous and they're forced to return to the fort. Jenni refuses to forget her promise to find Julia's companions and instead of scaling the ladder on the wall, she sets off for a truck abandoned outside the fort's wall. Katie realizes what Jenni is doing and sets off to join her. Katie jumps into the truck and they set off.

Before too long, they arrive at the gas station where Julia's companions were headed to in order to find medicine. It's found to be overrun with zombies. Katie says go melee and they spring from the truck to do some damage to the undead.

After dispatching the zombies, they find Julia's companions, but sadly one is dead and the other is dying from a bite. The dying man, Alan, asks the girls to take a letter and some pictures back to Julia. He said he was glad to have Julia as his traveling companion and asks to have his death made quick. Katie obliges, then she and Jenni return to the fort.

Upon their return to the fort, Katie goes to speak with Julia and Jenni responds to a summon from Nerit.

Julia is saddened to learn of the loss of her friends, but is glad for the mementos.

Nerit tells Jenni that while everyone has to live with loss, she shouldn't rush head on into death.

The story closes with the women bonding and telling the undead to fuck off.

All hail Thelma and Louise of the zombie apocalypse.

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