Friday, November 28, 2014

Poetry for Zombies

Truthfully, I found this book while I was trying to locate a book by another author but I'm glad I found it because this book is hilarious.

Poetry for Zombies (written by Gary McGrew) comes off as cute, but in a way that isn't annoying. Think of it as being written by zombie Shel Silverstein (and wouldn't that just be interesting on its own?)

The Zombie and the Cheese: a poem about a man with a love of wine and cheese on picnics who becomes a zombie and wants French head cheese

The Role of a Lifetime: a poem about an actress who gets zombified and decides to continue acting until she gets her little gold statue. Zombie actors galore and she winds up in obscurity (this one had me laughing so hard that I had people looking at me funny. the joys of reading in a public place)

Zombie Tsunami: a poem about why you really should check items for curses

Undead Deathbed: a poem that I have to assume is about a person on the verge of zombification because if it was about zombie healthcare, that would be just silly......and awesome......

Breaking Up With the Broken: a poem about breaking up with someone who's now a zombie full of hilarious imagery.

Rhonda's Rotten Exes: a poem about being too damn picky about who you spend your (un)life with

Torso Zombie Boy: a poem that proves zombies are dicks to their own kind

Hand-fed: a poem about the etiquette of the hand that feeds you

Deadweight-er: a poem about tonight's specials and you

Contaminated Meat: a poem about spreading infection (luncheon meat! HA!)

Eternal Darkness of the Thoughtless Mind: a poem about rethinking your zombified loved one 

Alice's Adventures in Zombieland: a poem about Alice and a zombie cat

Upon reaching the end of the book, you're treated to a final silly moment that is giggle worthy.

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