Sunday, January 18, 2015

sorry for the delay

Honestly, I didn't mean to take this long of a break from writing, but the most amazing thing happened- I FOUND A BOOK I COULDN'T FINISH!!! Oh I tried. Oh how I did try.

The book? Season of the Harvest.

Not only is it the first book in the series, but based on the book's description and the reviews from other readers, it sounded like something I might like to read.

As soon as I reached the part where cats are used to identify the bad people, I quit. I was already having trouble getting into the plot and then the cat angle came in.

Hell fucking no.

So about 35% into the book (at least that's what my Kindle told me), I threw in the towel, deleted the book from my Kindle and found the nearest trashy thing to read.

My trashy reads are my business, so never you mind.

I received a book suggestion from a friend, so I'll be starting that soon. Hopefully with better results.

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