Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dying Days: Darlene Bobich Parts IV-VI

The Dying Days universe has quite an expanse to it, so I'm going to focus on the story line that follows Darlene Bobich.

After much contemplation, I decided to do Dying Days 3 through 5 in one go because there is so much that happens.

Picking up after Dying Days 2, we meet a zombie who has started to move into the next stage. That's right, they're not dying off, they're evolving. They're starting to realize there's more to life (puns!) than shambling around going "braaaains"

Going back to Darlene's group, they're dealing with the aftermath of what happened in St. Augustine. There's only so much that can be done in order to make themselves safe from the impending zombie hoard, but they also have to deal with some of the survivors not dealing or dealing in the extreme. With Darlene and John doing the romantic tension tango.

Back to the evolving zombie, he finds people. He decides to hell with people.

Cutting back to Darlene, she and another survivor take on the zombie house and win. Evolving zombie continues to win in his mission of to hell with people.

The group continues to survive, the evolving zombie branches out from murder into arson and the tango comes to an end.

Evolved zombie finds his way to Darlene's camp and manages to commit more murder and arson....until Darlene introduces herself.....

Soon we meet another evolved zombie, but he's slightly craftier. He is the Lich King.

 Zombie men with machine guns (bonus points if you get it!)

Time has moved on, Darlene is pregnant, the undead are still evolving, they want Darlene's baby and the Lich King is creating civilization (running on the Feed Me Seymour platform).

The arson incident from the last story has Darlene and company wandering around and eventually trapped by zombies in an apartment. Rescue comes at the hand of someone Darlene thought she escaped, but they have enough sense to back off and leave Darlene to her devices.

Back in Lich Land, the basics of government is being laid out (breeders have to stick with breeders, everyone else can go ahead and hump the couch) and naturally there are ass hats about. But the rules are simple- don't touch what isn't yours, go forth and prosper, have faith and kill Darlene Bobich.

Speaking of Darlene, she's trying to stay one step ahead of everything. In the midst of everything, she gives birth to the baby the Lich Lord has deemed as the anti-christ, but he wants it just the same. However, everyone wants the baby, but shortly after birth someone from the old camp takes the baby to keep it safe.

In the aftermath of giving birth, getting revenge and losing her child, a giant insult is handed to Darlene when she's carted off to see the Lich Lord.

But the Lich Lord is busy, off wandering around and gathering the lost. Some to be made into food, the others to possibly live in his new society. Want in? Great! Don't want in? Zombie nom!

The Lich Lord is trying to find the solution, but doesn't quite know the problem. John is doing what he can to get to Darlene. Darlene is doing what she can to get her freedom. Everyone inside the new colony are doing what they can to survive. Murder, mayhem, apple pie! Be careful when opening doors though. Always be careful when you open the door.

What does it all come down to? Society is working in it's own way. Evolving zombies are making things interesting for everyone, but human nature is rearing it's ugly head in so many many ways.

Poor Darlene. On the road again. No touchy. For the love of all that is holy, no touchy!

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