Sunday, July 26, 2015

Zombie Tea Party

Zombie Tea Party sounds like it should be a retelling of Alice in Wonderland with zombies (oooo, would the caterpillar be smoking brains?), but instead we're treated to a collection of zombie stories by Armand Rosamilia!

Zelebrity Money- The things you'll do for money, even when zombies are about, will inevitably lead you to screw over family when they don't see things in the same way you do.

Zombies, Dogs and Old Bones- We join the start of the zombie apocalypse already in progress. Safety should be of the utmost concern, but it can also lead to some strange strange places. Welcome home!

First Settlement- A theory on what lead to the demise of the Lost Colony in Virginia. That's right- Toddlers.

Manhattan Is A @#$%^&* Island- Survival works when you have a shred of hope to hang onto. Like finding your brothers......just not like that. Never like that. Bang.

Southern Barbeque- Delusions of family gatherings while zombies are "attending" church.

Trail of the Undead- Hillbillies! Hiking! Lack of neighborly concern! Hillbilly zombies!

Swim Out Past The Breakers- Further proof there are all sorts of idiots when stuff starts going down. Zombie surfers. Cowabrainga dude!

Blind In Texas- When you find yourself injured and a liability, folks are going to get what they can out of you and no amount of praying or bargaining is going to fix that.

Caution, Smoke Ahead- The strength of a mother's love will make her do anything for a child. Unless mother's intuition gets jammed by zombies.

This Is The End- We won! We won! Come join us! Come survive! Headshot. It's the principle of the thing you know.

Sanctuary- If you're going to face the end of the world with someone, make sure that you can really stand that person and anyone they bring with them.

The tea party winds up with a note from the author explaining how he got into the world of zombies, as well as an extended peek into the life of everyone's favorite Zombie Killer- Darlene Bobich.

Until next time, toodles!

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