Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cutting the Bloodline

Welcome to the future in England as presented by Angela Trevena.

In an effort to stamp out violent crime, a program was devised to determine on a genetic level if someone is a criminal. If the child is born, it's taken from it's family and sent to live elsewhere. In most cases, the baby is terminated and it has led to a population crisis.

These are the items that Kenton Hicks are researching for his novel about "The Abandoned Generation," children who were born as "defective." Kenton believes there's more to the story than what is being told and wouldn't you know it- there is and there are people who aren't too keen on him writing about it.

On the flip side of things, there are people who want Kenton to write his story, but they want to use it to watch the world burn instead of affecting real change.

The story is about Kenton's journey in writing his book- the people he works with, the people he meets with and interludes with Kenton's family.

Everything shapes up just as you'd expect, but there is some sadness in everyone achieving their goals.

There's a reason why Utopia is fiction folks.

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