Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Music of the Gods

As the story begins, Richard Schiver introduces us to Donald and Susan. Donald has the idea to get away for a weekend as a way to work on saving their marriage. Susan believes Donald has lost it because she thinks the marriage was over the moment they said "I do."

Just as Donald admits that they're lost and he's uncertain how to get back on track, a random truck come by and runs them off the road. After a moment to collect themselves, Donald gets out of the car (much to the amusement of Susan) and tries to call for help.

Donald is unable to get a signal, but notices a sign for White Hall, indicating it's only a mile away. Donald persuades Susan to head to White Hall, regardless of her concern about her footwear. When they get close to White Hall, they notice there really isn't any noise- no sounds of nature.

While not much is going on in town, Donald spots a phone booth and Susan starts to hear music. Donald tries to phone for help while Susan tries to find the source of the beautiful music. The phone call doesn't go well, so Donald joins Susan on her quest to find the beautiful music, even if he's not able to hear it.

When they reach a forest line, Donald starts to realize something isn't right. He starts calling out to Susan to make her stop, but she never stops moving.

Soon Donald comes to realize that everything he saw may not be what he actually saw and this is where we leave him.

It's short, sweet and sad. Definitely worth the download!

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