Thursday, August 13, 2015

Beneath Blood and Bone

Welcome back to the zombie apocalypse already in progress!

Madeline Sheehan and Claire C. Riley pick things up from the perspective of Eagle. You met him in "Thicker Than Blood," he was the devil.


The story picks up with Eagle dealing with the aftermath of letting Evelyn and her crew leave Purgatory (the little slice of heaven it is). He's told the public face of Purgatory isn't happy with what he's done and his cotton candy trollop isn't thrilled either.

Soon we meet Autumn. She's been surviving in the only way she knows how- avoiding everything. She's caught outside the gate while foraging for food and gets dragged to Eagle. The cotton candy trollop has decided he gets to sort the nooblets.

Initial suggestions go awry, and Eagle meets back up with Autumn while she's trying to get the heck out of Dodge. In her own way, she knows what was planned for her and she really wants no part of it. Something clicks and Eagle decides to take her home and keep Autumn.

It takes a little time and a few mishaps, but Autumn gets a grip and starts to figure out some form of normal in Purgatory and that really doesn't sit well with the cotton candy trollop. She's got it figured out that she'll be replaced and no one really has time for that nonsense.

While fighting the reoccurring demons that led Eagle and his friend to create Purgatory, Eagle begins to realize what Autumn means to him and vice versa. Soon it becomes evident that with these feelings, they're not going to be safe for much longer in Purgatory.

Gut instincts prove true and while some obstacles stand in their way, Eagle and Autumn manage to free themselves from Purgatory and set off on their own, in search of their own form of happy. Good luck!

Loved the first book, devoured the second book and will likely now start stalking the Kindle page on Amazon waiting for book 3 to go on pre-order. The world these ladies created, while bleak like most things post apocalyptic, is still rich and makes you want to be there. Awesome. Simply awesome.

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