Saturday, August 22, 2015

Commute: Short Bursts of Terror Volume I

The whole premise to this anthology is the writers had to write the stories during their commute and they had to submit the first draft. This is a very interesting concept because you have to wonder how the writers managed to pull off being so creative with so much going on around them.

The Ten Hour Project- Our ride begins with Julia Benally's tale of a writing project. The teacher gives the outline and the subject, but when she reads the outcome of the project, it's not what she expected. She's horrified by what she reads and thinks the student lied. Too bad she learns the hard way they weren't lying.

A Man Walks Into A Bar...- Randy D. Rubin finds a fun way to run a joke into the ground.

Breaking The Circle- D.L. Smith-Lee presents a centuries old war between two ancient factions. Two friends are caught up in the mess that another person started and sadly, the friendship does not survive. Just know that if you cause a mess, you go from one trap to another.

Catacombs- Layla Cummins presents someone out for a stroll to forget. They're being followed. Something in the shadows has found them.

Merge- Brian Ennis shows us multiple time threads and parallel occurrences all converging at 0:11 with 23 miles to Peterborough.

The Temptation of Eve- Helen Mihajlovic present a take on what happened to Eve in Paradise. Heaven was seen before the true Hell began.

The Midnight Ride- The ride comes to an end with a story by Stuart Conover. It's Halloween night and Ryan is on a train home. While he agonizes over what the woman he loves is doing, he doesn't realize he's met Death.

With Death's scythe, our ride comes to an end and we must return to the hustle and bustle outside the train.

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