Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let's make a story

So Lacey Lane (@LaceyLaneAuthor) says on Twitter this morning:

Let's make a story. I was walking through the woods ...

and this sounded like fun, so here goes!

I was walking through the woods enjoying a peaceful day when I noticed a squirrel crawling out of an empty coffee cup. Remembering the meme of "Squirrels + Coffee Dear God Help Us," (because random stuff like that happens a lot. I spend way too much time on Google Image search) I decided to choose another path to walk.

As I strolled along listening to the birds sing and enjoying some nice sunshine, suddenly there was a cloudburst and I got drenched ($#@*& Midwest summers). As I tried to get as much water as possible off myself, I noticed I wasn't the only one annoyed by the sudden rain. A couple of rabbits were shaking themselves off and doing a cute face cleaning move with their paws.

The rest of my walk was pretty uneventful and by the time I left the woods, I felt refreshed and ready to start my day.......by hitting the local coffee shop for a hazelnut mocha. What? I was clearly inspired by the possibly caffeinated squirrel in the woods!

Hmm.....you know, I think I should just keep my day job......

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