Monday, October 1, 2018

Exciting News!!

The next chapter in the Odium Saga is coming soon!!!! Here's Dogface to tell you more!

That's right, humans! My human has been hard at work on this book, despite my best efforts at cuteness to distract her.

It sounds like Nina's adventure is going to be very exciting, which not my human says is right here:
This series has been around longer than me and it looks pretty tasty!
But my human won't let me try them. (tell my human to let me try them!)

Here's a picture I like

For more information on my human, click this with your nose:

Here's another picture:
I like pictures!
So add my human's book to your Goodreads shelf and read it when it comes out.

Ok not my human, where's the tummy rub you promised me?

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