Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Odium VI

Claire Riley brings us back into the Odium world where everyone is trying to survive while they're kicking ass and forgetting zombie names. I don't know if people stop having names when they become undead, but there's not really enough time to visit that topic when we have Odium related things to discuss.

We're back with Nina, Shooter, Mikey, O'Donnell, and the others that make up this cast of characters we've grown to love over time. And Crazypants.

We rejoin O'Donnell explaining that Mikey is alive and the Savages need to go. It doesn't take long for O'Donnell to work out that she's dealing with THE Nina, but it doesn't matter. O'Donnell wants to make the odds work for her so she can see where things are going with Mikey.

Nina pretty much has to work out if she wants to remember her life with Mikey or work on moving forward with whatever is developing with Shooter.

Ok, that's the smoochy crap out of the way. Let's get back to the zombies.

They're still undead. They're still wandering around causing problems. They don't understand the necessity of giving it a rest for a few days. Hrm. It took less time to catch up on the zombies than aniticipated. Ok, back to the people.

Upon return to base, Nina fills Michael in on what's going on. Michael is ready to take his leave of this place and get back to getting.  So long Michael. You were sort of a pain in the ass at times, but will be interesting to see if you got to where you wanted to go.

Mikey and Drag are working on a way to get out of their current situation. Aife has made it pretty obvious that she doesn't plan on letting anyone go back to what they had been doing before their capture. Still don't know what's happening with Phil, but at this point, we all have our hunches on what happened. Until Claire sees fit to fill in that blank (or not), all we have is our speculation (which is no help for Foxxxy Love, Claire!!!!). Then again, speculation is all Mikey and Drag have too.

Once the Highwaymen and the Rejects decide that they need to reunite and work together, it's understood that the lack in the numbers to really take on the Savages. They set out to get more people, which O'Donnell helps them realize means bringing in the New World Order crew. O'Donnell asks Nina to help convince the NEO crew to come help out. 

Crazypants has a cameo. The fact that they can't get rid of her says that either she's having more moments of sanity or she knows all the good stuff. Not that we would ever see Joan being at that level of devious, but we all have our breaking points.

The Highwaymen, the Rejects, and NEO come together AND that's where I'm going to leave it.

Here's the deal- there's a lot that goes on at this point of the book and it's better that everyone finds out those tidbits on their own.

So Claire strikes again with a great book and an ending that leaves us going "THE NEXT BOOK COMES OUT WHEN?!" 

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