Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chelsea Avenue

Armand Rosamilia steps away from zombies to bring us another piece of horror, all surrounding a spot on Chelsea Avenue.

1987- A god attempts his ascension, but fails. In the wake of his failure, the destruction is clear and Murphy's Law loses. Literally-the music club Murphy's Law and the neighboring strip club are destroyed.

1988- The owner's son, Manny, survived the fire that night and is moving on with his life. He's done with school and getting ready to join the police force. The area where the club had been is still vacant, but death is found here.

1989- More death is found on Chelsea Avenue. Manny is on patrol with a partner he could care less about.

1990- Hope you weren't planning to listen to that band.

1991- Some people meet up like it was a dream. Manny meets a girl thanks to his partner's lameness.

1992- Oh Mike, you weren't supposed to be a dirty cop. You weren't supposed to be a cop at all.

1993- While Manny is away, a few people get together in the cursed area.

1994- Hey dude, there's a tree there.

1995- I'm sorry, but this something I have to do. Your number will come up eventually.

1996- The daughter pays the price for the mother.

1997- I don't work for you anymore. Please take your car and get out of here. Manny, please accept this bullet because your life isn't messed up enough at this point.

1998- Tammy learns while you can never go home again, it hurts when you don't have anywhere else to go. Oh and murder.

1999- Manny is getting beaten by life.....literally.....and more murder.

2000- Old friends meet up by coincidence. Old friends meet death by bizarre compulsion.

2001- Manny has now hit rock bottom and has decided getting out of town is the way to fix it. Tammy is still trying to find her place. Murder-o-rama!

2002- Traveling hasn't brought Manny the peace he was hoping for and murder.

2003- Manny is starting to realize what's going on and what needs to happen. He pieces together that  he needs Tammy. He goes to Tammy, but she's suffering from her own losses. Once Manny explains it all, her daughter adds the final piece and it's time to stand up and fight back after all these years.

They take the fight back to the cursed area and everything that needs to happen falls into place. One is left standing with their life ahead of them and the wonderment of where it will go.

This story was amazeballs!! As soon as you pick up the book, it's so hard to put it down because you want to know what happens to everyone who survived from the initial fire in 1987. You keep hoping that someone will break free and stop the horror, but you realize that it had to happen the way it happened.

A definite must read!

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