Thursday, November 26, 2015


There are times when I see book recommendations on my Twitter feed and I think "Ok, sounds interesting, I'll go check it out." That's what happened with this book.

The problem with taking suggestions when it comes to books is for every little gem, you wind up with what I just read- something between "What did I just read?!" and "I paid money for this?!"

The story follows Simon Heath, a disgraced police officer, who manages to find a new job working for the police department in Fallow's Down. The town is regarded as a really strange place to live as incidents happen there on a regular basis.

As Simon becomes involved with the town, strange happenings occur in his life outside Fallow's Down. He loses his friend, his dog and starts to think his sanity is going too.

When Simon figures out what's really going on, the shit has truly hit the fan and he loses his girl. But that's pretty much short lived as we learn in the end.

Basically, it felt like there was something missing in the story. The pacing felt strange with the plot wrapping up in a neat little bow. Seeing "The End" pretty much left me with a feeling of

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