Saturday, November 21, 2015

Zombie Command

Here we have an anthology from the mind of Derek Ailes. Let's crack it open! (the book, not the author's head. ew)

Zombie Command- In space, no one can hear you make your last stand......or go nomnomnom.......

Gargoyle's Curse- Want to become an unstoppable killing machine and carry out the massacre of a small town? Have some sparkly dust!

The Candy Factory- I have a feeling Michael Myers ate the bears.

The Hookup- If it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true. Especially when the internet is involved.

Stuffed With Beans- The darker side of collectibles.

This Is Heavy Metal- Even science has found a dark use for music!

Brave Zombie World- What happens when you create Utopia? An opening for Murphy's Law to go nom.

Cachildrun- You know all those warnings about introducing foreign fauna?

It's a Sugar Thing- You wouldn't think one thing would lead to another, but inspiration is found in all sorts of places.

The Night Crew- There's always that one person you work with that you need to watch out for......

Shark Transporter- All I can say for sure is SyFy probably just found their new franchise.....

Zombie Twister- Not only a really awesome idea, but the perfect reason not to go to Kansas.

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