Monday, November 2, 2015

Twisted Magic

Claire C. Riley's new series centers around Sarah, a good witch born into a bad witch family.

When we meet Sarah, she's arrived home to mourn the loss of her grandmother. She wasn't there when her grandmother passed because she had been banished. Sarah never quite embraced the dark the same way the rest of her family did, but her strength also makes her a target.

Sarah is staying at her grandmother's cottage under the watch of her mother's ravens. A quick protection keeps the ravens from attacking, but doesn't stop them from camping and leering (or whatever ravens do while they sit on tree branches).

While Sarah starts to have fond memories in her grandmother's home and how warm the woman had been, she suddenly notices she's not alone in the house. There's a spirit here named Peter.

Peter knows all about Sarah, but she doesn't recall him and he knows why- the depths Sarah's grandmother went to stop the world as they knew it from coming to an end.

Sarah struggles to remember everything and once her grandmother is laid to rest, everything hidden becomes known and Sarah knows what she has to do. Peter knows the price. They don't care.

And we leave Raven's Cove......for now........

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